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Saturday 15 October


Global Handwashing Day Planner’s Guide (2nd edition) – English
All the information, ideas and suggestions to make Global Handwashing Day a success.


 – Français


دليل منظمو اليوم العالمي لغسل اليدين (الطبعة الثانية)

– Logo

Download and use the Global Handwashing Day logo.

– Poster

If you would like an editable version to translate email

–  Assessing the Impact of Global Handwashing Day Activities

– Espanol 

This booklet will help you set goals for Global Handwashing Day and devise appropriate indicators and methods for monitoring and evaluating activities.

– Game

A children’s game that teaches handwashing in a fun way.

– Video

A video on Global Handwashing Day.

More Than Just a Day 

Whether in a school, company or institution, this brochure brings to you a list of things you can do to promote handwashing with soap all year round

100 School Survey 
– Espanol

The questionnaire that takes a snapshot of hygiene conditions in schools. Results can help convince decision-makers that children need places to wash hands along with good toilets in schools!

For translations into other languages, download the Word document for customized use.