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Best Baby Wipes in 2022 – Reviewed

Parents should always try to choose the best baby wipes available. After all, they’re going to be used against the baby’s skin day-in and day-out. Therefore, it’s important to find one that not only is capable of cleaning up the big messes but is designed to hold up to these messes and do it without irritating the sensitive skin of babies. That’s the reason we’ve decided to seek out baby wipes that we feel will perform in all of those categories. And the following wipes are what we’ve discovered during our extensive search. Parents choosing one of them can be confident that these wipes will get the job done and get is done gently.

Quick Summary of Baby Wipes

 Best Overall 
Huggies Natural Care Wipes  (review)
 Best Heavy-Duty Wipes 
Pampers Sensitive Hypoallergenic Wipes  (review)
 Best Face Wipes 
Huggies Simply Clean Wipes  (review)
 Best For Sensitive Skin 
Amazon Elements Sensitive Baby Wipes  (review)
 Also Consider (Sensitive Skin) 
Aveeno Baby Sensitive All-Over-Wipes  (review)
 Best Unscented 
Water Wipes Unscented Newborn Wipes  (review)
 Best Lightly Scented 
Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes  (review)
 Best Environmentally-Friendly 
Kirkland Signature Wipes  (review)
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Huggies Natural Care Wipes

 Best Overall 

Parents with children that have skin sensitivities are always on the lookout for wipes that won’t irritate their child’s skin. A wipe that’s fragrance-free and doesn’t contain harsh cleaning agents in it, but is still capable of handling big diaper messes. Fortunately, these baby wipes are capable of doing just that. These durable wipes are designed to hold up to even the biggest diaper mess and do it without irritating the baby’s sensitive skin. They are also wipes that won’t dry out if they’re left in their tub but aren’t so moist that they drip. All things considered, they’re the best wipes for babies that we have currently found.


  • These wipes are durable.
  • They stay moist.
  • They are fragrance-free.
  • They’re good for sensitive skin.

  • None.

Pampers Sensitive Hypoallergenic Wipes

 Best Heavy-Duty Wipes 

What baby wipes are preferred by hospitals over all other types of wipes in the U.S? It’s these wipes from Pampers. According to sales data, more hospitals choose these wipes in the United States over any other kind available. Why is that? Well, after examining these wipes in greater detail, we feel that we know why. These wipes are 20% thicker than conventional wipes, but they’re made in a way that allows them to be easier on sensitive baby skin. They are made without the use of alcohol, dyes, or perfumes. They’re also free of parabens and phenoxyethanol. That makes them completely hypoallergenic, a fact that’s been tested and certified by dermatologists, so parents can be assured that they’re safe for their baby.


  • They’re hypoallergenic & safe for sensitive skin.
  • They are thicker than cheaper wipes.

  • They don’t have a lot of texture to them.

Huggies Simply Clean Wipes

 Best Face Wipes 

We understand that not all baby wipes are used for wiping baby bottoms and people use them for all kinds of different reasons. Some people use them for wiping children’s hands or faces, or for removing makeup. For those purposes, these baby wipes are great for parents to keep around. They have a fresh scent and do a good job. However, in our experience, we felt that they were a little bit thinner than we would’ve liked them to be. And when we say thin, we mean that we’re not too sure that we’d want to use these wipes for a diaper explosion-type incident. For smaller jobs, on the other hand, these wipes work very well.


  • They have a fresh scent.
  • They’re good for hands and faces.

  • They’re a little thin.

Amazon Elements Sensitive Baby Wipes

 Best For Sensitive Skin 

Even though these aren’t the thickest baby wipes we’ve tried, we do like them quite a bit. That’s because they’re made without the harmful chemicals and ingredients that make other types of wipes a disaster for baby’s sensitive skin. These wipes have been tested by dermatologists and pediatricians to be safe for all different types of skin, so parents can feel confident in their use. These wipes are made with purified water and natural ingredients that are free of alcohol, fragrances, dyes, phthalates, and parabens. They’re also textured, stretchy and are made with chamomile, so they help to soothe sensitive skin instead of irritating it. Not bad for wipes that some people might feel is too thin for heavy diaper messes.


  • They’re ideal for sensitive skin.
  • They’re free from harmful ingredients.

  • They’re not very thick.

Aveeno Baby Sensitive All-Over-Wipes

 Also Consider (Sensitive Skin) 

If it weren’t for the packaging of these wipes, we could see them becoming in the top three of our list. That’s because they’re large, not too moist or too dry, and are unscented. They also have an amazing texture to them that’s not harsh on the skin but still gets the job done. Another thing we liked about these wipes was that they were made without harmful chemicals. They are pH-balanced and completely hypoallergenic. They’re free of alcohol, fragrance, parabens, and phthalates. And they’re made with a 99% natural formula. If they weren’t so difficult to remove from the packaging, they would be one of the best baby wipes available.


  • These wipes aren’t too wet or too dry.
  • They have a nice texture to them.

  • It can be difficult to remove wipes from the packaging.

Water Wipes Unscented Newborn Wipes

 Best Unscented 

Water Wipes are a product that is designed to be a more natural alternative for parents over other commercial wipes. They are Vegan and cruelty-free and are mostly made with 99.9% purified water and a drop of fruit extract. Although they do contain 0.01% Benzalkonium Chloride, that’s because it’s a by-product of the fruit-extraction process and isn’t a chemical added to it. This product is, however, alcohol and fragrance-free. It’s also has earned the seal of acceptance from the National Eczema Association. All of this makes these wipes good for cleaning up the baby’s skin or the skin of adults with sensitive skin.


  • They don’t irritate sensitive skin.
  • They are mostly coated in water.

  • Contains a trace of Benzalkonium Chloride.

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes

 Best Lightly Scented 

Seventh Generation Wipes gives us conflicting feelings. On the one hand, we don’t feel that they’re very soft. At least, they’re not as soft as some of the other baby wipes we’ve tried. On the other hand, we do like how they’re made with quality ingredients and without intrusive fragrances. We like that they’re free of parabens and alcohol, which makes them great for sensitive skin. And we also like that hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. They are wipes that have a decent thickness to them and are made with more natural ingredients such as Aloe leaf extract, citric acid, and vitamin E.


  • They’re great for sensitive skin.
  • They are lightly scented.

  • These wipes aren’t very soft.

Kirkland Signature Wipes

 Best Environmentally-Friendly 

These baby wipes are made differently than most of the other wipes we’ve reviewed. They’re made with 70% Tencel fiber, a fiber that’s designed to be soft, but is also environmentally-friendly. It’s a cellulose-fiber that’s made from wood pulp and is 100% renewable. However, that’s not the only thing to like about these wipes. They’re also great for sensitive skin and are hypoallergenic. They’re free of alcohol, parabens, and chlorine. They’re made with vitamin E and aloe, and they are very soft. If we had one complaint about these wipes, it’s the fact that they tend to dry out. Other than that though, they’re some pretty good wipes.


  • Made with environmentally-friendly fiber.
  • They’re hypoallergenic.

  • These wipes tend to be a little dry.

A Guide To Baby Wipes

Anyone who has checked online stores or even the baby aisle of their local grocery store knows that there’s a lot of different brands of baby wipes. We haven’t done an official count of how many baby wipes exist, but we do know that there’s a lot of them. And this fact can make it difficult for consumers to find the baby wipes that are best for their needs. That’s why we’ve decided to write a guide that will give all of our readers all of the information they need about this product. 

How To Buy Baby Wipes

The following information is everything the consumer needs to know to buy the best baby wipes for their home. Although some people choose a package of baby wipes because of its bright packaging or because it has a name they know, that isn’t the best way to select a box of these wipes. We’ve listed what we feel are the most important considerations parents should make before buying baby wipes below. 

Disposable Versus Reusable Wipes

Although our preferences when it comes to baby wipes lean more towards disposable brands, some people might want to consider whether reusable wipes might suit their needs better. In our opinion, disposable wipes are more convenient and are more sanitary because they’re tossed after they’re used. However, reusable cloth wipes can be a good option for people who don’t mind the extra work of laundering their baby wipes. We’ve listed the pros and cons of both disposable and reusable wipes below.

Disposable Wipes


  • More convenient.
  • They’re sanitary.


  • They take up landfill space.
  • May not be suitable for extremely sensitive skin.

Reusable Cloth Wipes


  • They’re less wasteful.
  • They’re easier on the baby’s skin.


  • Parents have to spend time laundering them. 
  • They tend to cost more than disposable wipes.

Choose Wipes Without Harmful Chemicals

Assuming a person has chosen to continue with disposable baby wipes, they should then make sure that it doesn’t contain ingredients that might be harmful to the baby’s health or irritate their skin. Below are some of the chemicals that consumers might want to avoid when choosing baby wipes.

Avoid Wipes That Contain:

  • Phthalates
  • BPA
  • Parabens
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Alcohol

Choose Wipes That Have More Natural Ingredients

Once a parent has eliminated all of the baby wipes that contain harmful or irritating ingredients, they then should take the time to look for wipes that contain healthier ingredients. Below is a list of some of the quality ingredients found in healthier wipes.

  • 99% Purified Water
  • Vitamin E
  • Aloe
  • Citric Acid

Choose Wipes In Easy-To-Use Packaging

The next thing that parents are going to want to consider when buying baby wipes is the product’s packaging. Although some parents prefer wipes in boxes, while others prefer wipes in tubs, they should all choose the packaging they prefer the most and is the easiest to use.

Think About Baby Wipe Thickness & Texture

The thickness and texture of the baby wipes can mean the difference between cleaning up a messy baby effectively and having to struggle with the task at hand. Thin wipes tend to break when confronting heavy messes, so parents should avoid them. Parents should look for wipes that are thick and have enough texture to remove tough stains from their baby’s behind, face and hands. 

Choose An Appropriate Size

Another thing that parents are going to want to consider is the size of the packaging. Wipes are generally cheaper when they’re purchased in bulk, but can dry out before they’re used if the parent buys too big of a package. Therefore, parents should buy the biggest package available, but one that’s not so large that they can’t use it in a timely fashion.

Other Uses For Baby Wipes

Okay, let’s see. We’ve covered some of the best baby wipes available and we’ve presented our readers with a guide that will show them how to buy baby wipes. Now we think it’s appropriate to talk about some of the other uses that baby wipes can be used for other than cleaning up babies. For everyone who has ever wondered what other purposes baby wipes can be used for in the home, this section is for you. 

Uses For Baby Wipes:

  • Moistening Glue-On Envelopes To Properly Seal Them.
  • Removing Eye Makeup At The End Of The Day.
  • Removing Stains On The Face Caused By Hair Dye.
  • Supplementing With Witch Hazel For Making Do-It-Yourself Hemorrhoid Wipes.
  • Removing Deodorant Stains From Clothing.
  • Use To Dust Appliances.
  • Use As An Adult Hygiene Wipe.

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