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Best Dishwashing Gloves in 2022 – Reviewed

Dishwashing gloves, they only come in yellow and are awkward to put on right? This is what most people assume but the world has changed and these useful kitchen products have too. Not only can they protect your hands from washing up chemicals and the heat that is necessary for a thorough clean, but the best products have some additional features to look out for.

Because so many people just opt for the cheapest product, it can be hard to know what a quality product looks like. This is why we have created a list of the best dishwashing gloves. When you scan through the list you’ll see that each one has something to offer and make your household chores a lot easier.

Quick Summary of Dishwashing Gloves

 Editor’s Choice 
Tusko Products Best Nitrile Rubber Cleaning  (review)
 Best Value 
Mr. Clean 243033 Bliss Premium 1-Pair Latex-Free Gloves, Medium  (review)
 Best Long Cuff 
Finnhomy 31212 Household Gloves Latex free cleaning Gloves  (review)
 Best Multipack 
Clean Ones Pure Comfort Latex Free Vinyl Gloves – Medium 6pk  (review)
 Best For Scrubbing 
Forliver Cleaning Sponge Gloves  (review)
 Best Heavy-Duty 
Star Kitchen TBGM True Blues Medium Green Ultimate Household Gloves  (review)
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Tusko Products Best Nitrile Rubber Cleaning

 Editor’s Choice 

If you want to be able to reach to the bottom of the kitchen sink without getting your wrists wet, then you need a lengthy dishwashing glove. Made from nitrile rubber these sturdy gloves are latex-free and are resistant to both cuts and chemicals so they protect your hands and will last a long time. This is partially down to the fact that they are 15 mils thick making them both dexterous and easy to move the fingers, and durable.

Because of the slip-resistant texture on the inside of the palms and fingers, you get a good grip on the dishes or cleaning sponge when wiping down the sides. When not used commercially, they are guaranteed to be fine for 90 days of continual use which makes the reasonable price even more attractive.


  • Latex-free
  • Slip resistant texture
  • Made from 15 mil, sturdy nitrile rubber
  • Available in different sizes


Mr. Clean 243033 Bliss Premium 1-Pair Latex-Free Gloves, Medium

 Best Value 

These latex-free dishwashing gloves are simple on their appearance but give you plenty of flexibility allowing you to get a good hold of the dishes. This is back up by the embossed palm that ensures you have the grip to complement the flexibility. The 12-inch long cuff isn’t as long as some of the other brands out there but for most people, this is more than enough protection.

The cloud-soft cotton lining is one of the most comfortable which is part of the reason these are some of the most popular dishwashing gloves available. Phthalate-free and available in 4 different sizes, they are the sort of protective gloves that anyone can slip on and reap the benefits.


  • 12-inch cuff
  • Ultra-comfortable cotton lining
  • Grippy embossed palm
  • Great value

  • Some gloves give you more grip

Finnhomy 31212 Household Gloves Latex free cleaning Gloves

 Best Long Cuff 

It doesn’t matter how robust your dishwashing gloves are, they’re going to go through some rough treatment. This means it is always good to have a backup pair and in this pack of two, you’re getting a mix of quality and value. Latex-free and with a comfortable lining made from 100% viscose they feel great and give you a bit of insulation on a cold day.

Resistant to both oil and water they have a 15-inch arm which gives you plenty of protection and with a non-slip texture on the palm and fingers, they are grippy enough for you to wash slippery dishes without an issue. The natural rubber doesn’t irritate the skin so you can scrub and wash with confidence.


  • Made with 100% vicose lining
  • 15-inch arm gives you a lot of protection
  • Non-slip palms and fingers

  • Can run a bit large for some people

Clean Ones Pure Comfort Latex Free Vinyl Gloves – Medium 6pk

 Best Multipack 

This is the best dishwasher gloves multipack available as the pack of 6 ensures you have plenty of options that will last many months. It also means you’re getting 6 pairs of latex-free gloves with an incredibly absorbent lining that makes washing the dishes more comfortable than using a regular marigold. They are made from a stretchy material that is both BPA and phthalate-free. With a non-slip swirl grip, they allow for a good hold of the wet dishes and have a thickness of 23 mil that is more than a lot of other brands give you. This makes them pretty robust so you are still getting some high-quality dishwashing gloves.


  • Good value in the 6 pack
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • 23mil thickness is more than most

  • Can rip in the fingers but you get plenty of back-ups

Forliver Cleaning Sponge Gloves

 Best For Scrubbing 

For a pair of dishwashing gloves that can be used to scrub the dishes, these are up there with the best. Made from 100% food-grade silicone, they won’t irritate the skin. The integrated brush makes it easy to scrub stubborn grease and dirt without having to get your hands wet.

Once you are done, they are easy to clean as dirt can collate in the bristles. Throw them in the washing machine or dishwasher to make sure they are fine to use again and again. Although you’re not going to need it, there is a heat-resistance of up to 160 degrees C so even if the kettle is fresh you get a lot of protection from the heat.


  • Made from 100% food grade silicone
  • Can use the intigrated brush to clean dishes
  • Up to 160 degrees C heat-resistance

  • Not as grippy when not scrubbing

Star Kitchen TBGM True Blues Medium Green Ultimate Household Gloves

 Best Heavy-Duty 

Star Kitchen has created some of the sturdiest gloves and although you don’t get quite as much movement as other brands, you get a tough vinyl shell that protects the hands well. The inside is also very comfortable thanks to the 100% cotton liner.

You can wash these in the machine to keep them clean and wear them knowing they are latex-free. Despite the look of the grippy texture, they won’t crack and make it easy to hold greasy dishes without them slipping out of your hands. Your hands won’t be at risk of becoming dry and cracked and you get a lot of protection as they reach far up the forearm.


  • Comfortable cotton liner
  • Latex-free
  • Grippy texture with a sturdy feel

  • Can crack over a few months of continual use

Dishwashing Gloves Guide

When it comes to the thankless task of washing the dishes, there are a few things you can do to make life easier. First of all, you need a quality washing liquid that cuts through grease, then hot water is going to help. The problem is, this can lead to dry and cracked hands unless you find a pair of quality dishwashing gloves.

They are not all made equal though and there are some great products on the market. You still need to be aware of what makes the best dishwashing gloves so good. The materials are important but before you make a decision, check out our buyer’s guide to make sure you find a product that can do it all.

What To Look For In Dishwashing Gloves

Lengthy Arm Protection

Although you’re not looking for an all-over bodysuit, the dishwashing gloves you go for still need to protect you way beyond the wrists. A good length tends to be anything around 12-inches and above. Remember you can usually curl them at the arm to make them comfortable. As long as you can reach into the bottom of the sink without getting your body wet in the scolding water, then you will be fine.


Everyone knows that the hotter the enter, the easier it is to scrub off stubborn dirt and grease. One of the major reasons people buy dishwashing gloves is to protect their hands from the heat so make sure the brand you are considering can function without heating your hands.

Tear-Resistant Materials

There is no way of telling how long a dishwashing glove is going to last but the higher quality the materials, and the thicker they are will go a long way towards giving you a good amount of use. Tears can happen, especially on the fingers but expect at least a couple of months of use out of them.

A Good Amount of Grip

This is important and it shows that if you buy cheap dishwashing gloves, they can end up costing you a lot more if you drop a plate or an oven dish. Accidents can happen but are less likely when the palm and fingers have the right grooves or grippy material to help you hold on as you scrub with the other hand.


This is a reason why you don’t want to buy a dishwashing glove that is too thick. You need to be able to move your fingers and feel the dish outside of the glove. This way you will be able to get a firm hold to complement the grippy texture.

Comfortable Lining

Not only should the lining be fine for sensitive skin to wear without irritation, but they need to be comfortable. Over their lifespan, a pair of dishwashing gloves will be worn for many hours so you will want a bit of comfort. Certain brands include a fleece lining to add to the comfort and although this might be too much for some people, plenty of brands ensure that their products are fine for extended use.

Easy To Clean

You might think that a dishwashing glove can just be thrown under the sink after they have dried but to make them last longer, a lot of people clean them. This can be in the washing machine or dishwasher to get rid of dirt and any sticky debris.

Another approach can be to use an anti-bacterial spray and rub a scouring brush over the outside with care. Do this over the whole outer, including between the fingers and take care around any bristles if you have purchased a dishwashing glove that doubles up as a scrubber.

Leave them to dry but ensure that the area isn’t in the sun so they crack.


To encourage the whole family to use them, some people prefer to use dishwashing gloves that are made in a neutral color. This won’t be as important for everyone so just consider the tastes of other people in your house.


To ensure you do not get any skin irritations and the gloves are safe for extended use, always make sure they are made from latex-free materials.

Why Use Dishwasher Gloves?

There are plenty of benefits to using a quality pair of dishwashing gloves and although some might seem obvious, here are some of the most significant to consider.

Better Grip

No one likes to drop dishes, even losing the grip of a wine glass can be dangerous if it breaks in the sink. The best dishwashing gloves provide a good amount of grip so you can get a firm hold on slippery dishes. The combination of soap and water can make for a lot of mishaps and when the water becomes dirty, washing can become a little dangerous.

Keeps Skin Soft

Your skin isn’t supposed to be exposed to the chemicals in dishwashing liquid and although some brands are a lot kinder on the skin than others, this and boiling water can leave hands cracked and dry.

Dishwashing gloves allow the user to create a barrier between their hands and the hot water and even those with sensitive skin can benefit.


Because a lot of leftover food can spoil pretty fast and stick to the pan, not everyone enjoys getting close to the debris that can flick off with scrubbing. The best dishwashing gloves allow you to keep your hands clean and away from built-up bacteria.

How Long Do Dishwashing Gloves Last?

This is difficult to say as a lot will depend on usage. If you use them solely for the dishes then they will last longer than those who use them for different household tasks such as cleaning and mopping.

However, no matter what you put them through, a decent pair of dishwashing gloves should last at least 3 months before needing to be replaced. This is to be expected and is the reason why a lot of people buy multipacks so they always have a pair ready.

Some of the best dishwashing gloves last for several years and if you want to extend the lifespan of yours, start by finding a quality product and ensure you wash them from time to time to get rid of any dirt and sticky residue.

The likes of mold and mildew can build up if they are left unused and damp and this will cause them to deteriorate. Keep an eye on how clean your gloves are to make sure you don’t need to go out and buy a new pair.

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