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Best Hand Towels in 2022 – Reviewed

Hand towels are an important part of any bathroom. Without them, people using the bathroom are either going to have to shake their hands dry after washing or wipe them on their clothing. However, these towels are more than about providing everyone who uses the bathroom with a hygienic way for them to dry their hands after washing them. The right color towels can also be used as an important décor choice for the bathroom. To show our readers what we mean, we’ve included some of the best hand towels currently available, along with a guide on buying and using them.

Quick Summary of Hand Towels

 Best Overall 
Pinzon Organic Cotton Hand Towels  (review)
 Best Lightweight Towels 
Cleanbear 100% Cotton Face Towel Set  (review)
 Best Color Assortment 
Cotton Craft Quick-Drying Cotton Hand Towels  (review)
 Best Durability 
Great Bay Home Luxury Hand Towels  (review)
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Pinzon Organic Cotton Hand Towels

 Best Overall 

Individuals with sensitive skin—or anyone who loves soft, quality cotton—is going to want to get these hand towels. That’s because they’re made out of organically grown cotton that gives consumers more of a natural choice for drying their hands. It’s a material that absorbs water quickly, allows air to pass through it so it dries faster than synthetic hand towels, and it feels good against the hands.

It’s a material that’s been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards is made in India from quality cotton. And because it’s made with organic cotton, people with sensitives will especially enjoy these towels. Organic cotton is just better for the skin than some of the chemically-treated cotton commonly available.

Each set comes with 6 hand towels, and these towels are made with a 700 GSM weight, so they feel thicker than some other competing brands. They’re made in India, are backed by an Amazon Basics limited 1-year warranty, and they come in a wide range of different colors. These towels are available in ivory, white navy, latte, indigo blue, latte, green, tan, and blush.

Each towel measures approximately 18×30-inches in size. If there was one complaint that we had about these towels, it’s the fact that their labels are a bit larger than we would have liked. It’s not a big problem, as the labels could just be removed, but we do feel that it’s worth mentioning to our readers.


  • Made of quality organic cotton.
  • They absorb water well and dry quickly.
  • They look very nice.

  • Their labels are a little large.

Cleanbear 100% Cotton Face Towel Set

 Best Lightweight Towels 

These hand and face towels are designed for consumers who want to inject a little bit of color into their bathroom. Each 6-pack set comes with towels in six vibrant colors. The towel colors may include different shades of blue, white, different shades of green, and/or pink. Although this may not suit consumers who like to choose solid colors to match the decor of their bathrooms, for consumers who just want to add a splash of color to their bathrooms, then these towels are perfect.

Despite coming only in packs with assorted colors, we found that these hand towels were great. They more than met our quality expectations and we liked the fact that each of them had a loop that allowed them to be hung up for drying.

Each of the towels in this set is approximately 29×13-inches in size and weighs 3.2-ounces. Although this makes them quite a lightweight towel, that doesn’t mean that they’re inferior to other towels, quite the opposite. We found that these towels were made according to high standards and they were not only soft but also strong as well. That’s because they’re made using Sirospun Technology, which allows them to twist two-fold cotton yarns together to make a stronger cloth structure. That allows these towels to hold up to friction, and to hold up to frequent washing. We feel that these are nice towels that many consumers are going to be anxious to use.


  • They’re made with quality cotton.
  • They’re soft and nice to use.
  • They have loops for hanging.

  • Only multi-colored packs are available.

Cotton Craft Quick-Drying Cotton Hand Towels

 Best Color Assortment 

These hand towels are made from 100% ringspun cotton and each one is approximately 16×28-inches in size. They have a 450 GSM construction that makes them a lightweight towel but also allows them to be soft. Although we didn’t feel that they were as absorbent as we would have liked, we still thought they were pretty good towels. They look good, they felt good, and they are available in a vibrant assortment of colors. Some of the colors that consumers can choose include navy blue, charcoal, light blue, black, white, or linen. The way that they’re constructed is also impressive. They’re made with sewn-edges that don’t end up fraying as other towels do, and this allows them to withstand frequent washing.

Another thing that we liked about these hand towels was the fact that they didn’t cost an arm and a leg. For approximately the same price as some 6-pack sets, the consumer could buy 14 of these hand towels. That makes them an exceptional value and allows consumers to stock their bathroom linen closet quite inexpensively. We also appreciated the fact that they were the right size for drying hands. They weren’t too large and they weren’t too small. All of this simply means that these are some great hand towels that many people are going to want to take a closer look at when they’re shopping for new towels for their bathroom.


  • These hand towels are a good value.
  • They are soft and come in nice colors.

  • They’re not as absorbent as we would’ve liked.

Great Bay Home Luxury Hand Towels

 Best Durability 

Before we begin this review, we do have to say that these hand towels do cost more than any of the other towels we’ve reviewed, and that might be a sore spot for some consumers. However, even though these towels aren’t inexpensive in the least, we do think that they’re great to hand towels. What makes them so great? What makes them an exceptional 6-pack of towels is that they’re constructed to the highest of standards. They’re designed to be luxury hand towels and they meet every expectation in that regard. They’re made with a lattice waffle weaver, has a 16×28-inch size, and are made out of 100% cotton.

These hand towels meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which means that it’s been certified to be free of harmful chemicals. That allows consumers to use these towels with confidence and without worrying about what chemicals the cotton they’re made with might have been treated with. These towels are also exceptionally absorbent and quick-drying, which makes them a hygienic addition to any bathroom. Anyone who has been searching far and wide for some of the best hand towels available is going to want to take a closer look at these. Sure, they cost more than comparable brands, but they do give the user a sense of luxury.


  • They are truly a luxury hand towel set.
  • They stay fluffy during multiple laundry cycles.

  • They cost more than comparable hand towels.

Finding & Taking Care Of Hand Towels

We don’t think that many people run out to try and find the best hand towels available, they simply try to find the best ones for them. The simple fact is that consumers want to find towels that are the best for them and not necessarily the most popular or the one highest rated by review sites. That’s why we’ve decided to help these consumers by writing an informative guide on the subject. We hope that this guide will not only help consumers find the best hand towels for them but will also give them the information they need to keep those towels in good condition for as long as possible. With those goals in mind, let’s get started. 

How To Buy The Best Hand Towels

As we’ve stated in our intro, the following section of this guide is not dedicated to helping the consumer buy the most chic set of hand towels or the ones most highly rated by housekeeping magazines or review sites, but the ones that are best for them and their family. Below are some things that consumers should consider when buying a new set of hand towels to ensure that it’s the right one for their household. 

Look For Cotton Hand Towels

Although hand towels that are made from a cotton/polyester blend are generally cheaper than 100% cotton towels, consumers will probably want to stick with cotton. That’s because it’s softer and more absorbent than blended towels. When choosing cotton hand towels, consumers should look for either Egyptian cotton (which is generally considered to be the softest) or Turkish cotton. If the consumer has sensitive skin, then they might want to consider organic cotton, which is made without the chemicals that can be found in some brands of hand towels. 

Choose The Right Cotton Production

Just because two hand towels are made from cotton doesn’t mean that they offer the same quality to the consumer. This is true even if the two towels are made with the very same type of cotton. That’s because how the cotton is twisted and formed into the hand towel is just as important as it having been made with cotton in the first place. Below are three of the most common methods of making cotton hand towels, so the consumer can easily discern which one is right for their particular needs.

  • Twisted Cotton: As its name implies, this type of cotton is twisted. They are usually very durable, but they often aren’t the most absorbent form of cotton available.
  • Ring Spun: This type of product twists the short and long cotton fibers together. These towels are usually very smooth, and very strong.
  • Combed Cotton: These are usually the softest hand towels, but they’re also pretty durable as well. 

Fabric Weight Is Also Important

The next thing to consider before buying a hand towel is the weight of the cotton used in it. Towel weight is measured in GSM—which means grams per square meter. Most hand towels are available with a GSM of anywhere from 300 to 700 GSM, although some inferior brands are lighter than that. Below is a rundown of the three main GSM groups: lightweight, medium-weight, and heavy-weight hand towels.

  • 300 To 400 GSM: Lightweight
  • 400 To 600 GSM: Medium Weight
  • 600 to 900 GSM: Heavy Weight

Which one of these grades is right for the consumer? Well, it all depends. Some people prefer a lighter hand towel, so they should choose one in the 300 to 400 GSM range. However, some people prefer a heavier more luxurious hand towel, and those are in the 600 to 900 GSM range. In our experience, the best ones are in the medium-weight category, meaning 400 to 600 GSM, so those are the ones we would recommend to our readers. We feel those towels are the perfect combination of durability and feel. 

Taking Care Of Hand Towels

Once our readers have found the best hand towels for their household, it’s time for them to keep those in good condition. No one wants to spend good money on hand towels to have them fade out or fall apart just a few months later. To help our readers avoid that situation, we’ve listed some care tips below so consumers can keep their hand towels looking and feeling good for as long as possible.

  • Read The Towel’s Care Label & Use The Appropriate Temperature Settings For Washing.
  • Wash Hand Towels With Similiar Colored Clothing.
  • Do Not Bleach Hand Towels With Chlorine Bleach (Even If The Label Says It’s OK).
  • Do Not Use Fabric Softener On Hand Towels (It Reduces The Towels Ability To Absorb Water).

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