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Best Kitchen Towels in 2022 – Reviewed

Anyone who has spent any amount of time cooking or doing dishes knows just how important towels are to have around. Not only are they suitable for drying dishes after washing, but they’re also good for drying hands, and wiping up wet counters, too. Unfortunately, far too consumers simply buy the first towels they see and don’t give much consideration to these useful kitchen tools. This is precisely why we’ve decided to not only discuss the best kitchen towels available but also write a guide on buying and taking care of them as well. We hope that all of our readers find the information presented here to be quite useful.

Quick Summary of Kitchen Towels

 Best Overall 
Aunt Martha’s Premium Flour Sack Dish Towels  (review)
 Best Organic Cotton Towels 
DG Collections Waffle-Design Kitchen Towels  (review)
 Best Microfiber Towels 
Hyer Kitchen Grey & White Dish Towels  (review)
 Best Affordable 
Zeppoli Classic White Natural Kitchen Towels  (review)
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Aunt Martha’s Premium Flour Sack Dish Towels

 Best Overall 

Before we begin this review, let’s address the elephant in the room: These kitchen towels aren’t as thick as actual 50 or 100-pound flour sacks. Although they’re very close in thickness to the flour sacks of old, they’re just not as durable. Why is this important to address? We feel this is important to address because some people look for flour sack material for embroidering or craft projects. If the consumer is looking for flour sacks for those purposes, then these simply aren’t suitable for that purpose. On the other hand, if the consumer is looking for the best kitchen towels available, then they should be very pleased because these are the towels they’ve been searching for.

These towels are made out of 100% cotton and are approximately 33×38-inches. They are hemmed on all four sides so that they don’t fray easily, and they’re pre-washed and bleached so they look like flour sacks. Each towel in this set is made with a 130-thread count, so consumers can be sure that they’re quality towels for washing dishing and wiping up counters. These are towels that will hold up to frequent use and laundering, so the consumer doesn’t have to replace them as frequently as some other lesser quality kitchen towels. These are great towels that look good and will quickly become the preferred towel for any kitchen. That’s more than enough reason for every consumer to own at least one set of these towels for their kitchen.


  • They are durable and absorbent.
  • They are high-quality kitchen towels.

  • Not as thick as actual flour sacks.

DG Collections Waffle-Design Kitchen Towels

 Best Organic Cotton Towels 

These colorful kitchen towels are manufactured in India using high-quality cotton and come in some of the most brilliant colors. These towels are not only manufactured to have a utilitarian design that’s good for drying dishes and wiping up messes but is also manufactured to be a piece of kitchen decor. Placed on a towel rack in any kitchen and they quickly become a source of color that any homeowner is going to appreciate. They come in multi-colored designs that contain elements of red, orange, green, white, blue, and black. These are towels that look nice in the kitchen, next to the BBQ grill, or anywhere else they’re used. We thought that they were some of the most colorful towels for the kitchen that we’ve ever seen, and we highly appreciate their artistic style.

Of course, these towels do making good kitchen tools as well. They’re made with chemical-free cotton that’s perfect for washing dishes, drying hands and wiping up messes. They have a waffle-design that’s non-abrasive but highly-absorbent, so they don’t become soggy messes when they’re needed the most. They’re also quite easy to take care of and are completely machine washable and capable of being tossed into the dryer. Of course, because of their vibrant colors, the consumer is going to want to avoid bleaching them, but otherwise, they’re easy to take care of. And they’re even equipped with a loop that makes them easy to hang for convenience.


  • Made with chemical-free cotton.
  • Available in brilliant colors.

  • These towels are only 16×28-Inches.

Hyer Kitchen Grey & White Dish Towels

 Best Microfiber Towels 

When most consumers are asked what they want out of a dish towel they most often say that they want durable one, but is also not too thick. Fortunately, that describes this towel’s two main characteristics. It’s manufactured using a quality microfiber that’s strong and durable but isn’t too thick. It’s also a product that isn’t too thin, unlike some of its cheap impersonators. Because these towels are made using a microfiber, they are also extremely soft, so they not only feel good against the skin, but they also won’t scratch delicate kitchen surfaces. They can be used to wipe down everything from granite to stainless steel, and they won’t harm any of these surfaces in the least.

It’s also worth mentioning that these dishtowels are also quick-drying, so they won’t end up soggy wet and smelling of mildew after a day of housework. And when it’s time for them to be cleaned, all the consumer has to do is toss them into their washer and wash them according to their label’s instructions. Each set comes with 8 towels and these towels have a nice gray and white design to them that fits in with any modern kitchen. Of course, if the consumer would like to have towels in a different color, then they’re also available in camel or blue. Unfortunately, that’s all of the color choices the consumer has available to them when they’re buying these quality towels.


  • They have a nice feel to them.
  • They feel durable and absorbent.

  • Available in a limited assortment of colors.

Zeppoli Classic White Natural Kitchen Towels

 Best Affordable 

Consumers shouldn’t feel like they need to spend a fortune on kitchen towels when these towels are not only inexpensive but are also high quality. These towels are made from 100% natural cotton and have a flour sack design that looks great hanging in any kitchen. These towels are ultra-absorbent, and long-lasting, and are great for drying off dishes or wiping up counters. They’re also made with a Herringbone weave that makes them durable but also lightweight as well. And because they allow air to pass through their weave, they dry quickly so mildew doesn’t have a chance to build up.

This set comes with 15 towels, so consumers have plenty on hand for even the messiest of kitchens. And because each of these towels is 14×25-inches in size, they’re large enough for most kitchen jobs but aren’t overly bulky. The only real complaint we had about these dishtowels was that their label didn’t have care instructions on them. Not a big deal because we wash all of our kitchen towels in cold water and without bleach, but it would’ve been nice if they had care instructions. Having stated that fact, however, we still like these kitchen towels and think they make a good choice for consumers on a budget.


  • They are extremely affordable kitchen towels.
  • They are highly absorbent.

  • They don’t have care instruction on their label.

A Guide To Buying & Cleaning Kitchen Towels

Even though kitchen towels don’t seem like they’re very important, the truth is that they’re one of the most important cleaning tools in the whole house. Just think about all of the dishes and surfaces that these towels are going to touch throughout the day and it’s easy to see why it’s so important to choose the right one. No one wants a towel that harbors bacteria and mildew and ends up spreading those foul contaminants all over the kitchen. This is why we’ve decided to go ahead and write a guide on not only how to buy the best kitchen towels available but also how to keep them in good condition. 

Choose The Right Type Of Kitchen Towels

The first step in choosing the best kitchen towels for the household is for the consumer to decide what type of towel they want. Most kitchen towels can be easily categorized into one of three different types: Dish Towels, Tea Towels, and Chef’s Towels. Let’s take a look at each of these different types of kitchen towels and see what makes each one different from the rest. 

Dish Towels

As their name so eagerly suggests, these towels are designed to be used for not only drying dishes but can also be used for washing dishes. That makes these towels quite versatile, but it also means that they can quickly begin to harbor dangerous bacteria if they’re not properly sanitized between uses.

Chef’s Towels

These towels are designed for drying dishes, wiping hands and for drying off counters. Like dish towels, these too are very versatile, and many chefs have several of them in the kitchen—hence, the name. 

Tea Towels

Tea towels aren’t designed for actual use in the kitchen. Instead, they’re designed for use at the dining room table. They’re often used for serving muffins, scones or for covering biscuits to keep them warm. Some people also use them for decorative purposes. Because they’re thin, they’re not good for much else other than those uses. 

Choose The Right Type Of Material

The next thing that consumers should concern themselves with is the material the kitchen towels are made from. These towels are available in one of four different types of materials and these include Cotton, Linen, Microfiber, and Terry Cloth. Since each of these materials has its own characteristics, this is probably one of the most important parts of choosing a new kitchen towel. Let’s examine each of these materials a little bit closer to see the pros and cons of each one. 

Cotton Towels

This is one of the most popular materials for making kitchen towels and that’s because they’re soft, absorbent, and dry quickly. They’re also tough and versatile enough to be used for a variety of jobs including drying dishes, wiping counters, and drying hands. This is usually the preferred material of most people.

Microfiber Towels

This material is made from a blend of polyester and/or nylon materials and it’s called microfiber because of its superfine fibers. The main benefit of this material is its durability. It also does an amazing job of absorbing and holding on to water, which makes it great for drying dishes. However, this material isn’t always the best choice because it does have the tendency of holding on to bacteria. 

Linen Towels

Linen kitchen towels are more absorbent than cotton, can last for decades, and tend to maintain their softness for long periods of time. Anyone reading that list of pros might wonder why these dishtowels aren’t more highly rated by us, and we have a simple answer to that question: they can be extremely expensive. Sometimes as much as $12 to $20 a towel for the best ones!

Terry Cloth Towels

These towels aren’t as expensive as linen, but they aren’t as inexpensive as cotton. They’re primarily used for bars because they’re very absorbent, don’t spread bacteria, and are easy to clean. These are all of the properties that make them excellent for not only wiping down bars after happy-hour but also for drying dishes at home. 

Tips For Keeping Kitchen Towels In Good Shape

Okay, let’s say that you’ve already have bought the best kitchen towels available and are now wondering how to keep those towels in good condition. If that’s the case, then read on because this guide is now going to tell you how to keep that kitchen towel in the best condition possible by giving you some care tips, so let’s get started. 

  • Read & Follow The Towel’s Care Instructions
  • Soak Towels In A Solution Warm Water, Vinegar & Baking Soda To Keep Them Smelling Nice.
  • Never Leave Wet Kitchen Towels In The Washer. Always Transfer Immediately To The Dryer.
  • Hang Up Moist Towels To Allow Them To Dry Between Uses.
  • Launder Them Regularly. 
  • Toss Out Towels Showing Fraying Or Other Signs Of Wear. 

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