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Best Nail Brushes in 2022 – Reviewed

Consumers who are looking to keep their fingernails looking as good as they can look might want to purchase the best nail brush that they can find. These brushes are specifically designed to dirt and grime from the fingernails—including the nail bed. If a person uses these brushes regularly, then they can rest assured that their nails are always going to look their best. To help our readers find the models that suit them the best, we’ve decided to research the subject and list our results below. Now everyone can keep their nails healthy and looking good regardless of circumstances.

Quick Summary of Nail Brushes

 Best Overall 
Fuller Nail & Hand Brush  (review)
 Best Value 
Redecker Natural Nail Brush  (review)
 Best Affordable 
Yesker Fingernail & Toe Brushes  (review)
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Fuller Nail & Hand Brush

 Best Overall 

This nail brush is designed and manufactured by Fuller Commercial Products. That’s significant because this company is well known for making some of the best consumer and cleaning products in the world. This company started in 1906, and for decades Fuller salesmen went door to door selling their quality wares. Now, they’re selling their products online, but fortunately, their products still meet the same high expectations that they always have. Anyone who doesn’t believe that to be true only has to buy and use this hand and fingernail brush. It’s designed with the same attention to detail that all Fuller products are made, and they are manufactured in the United States, too.

The first thing we’d like to mention about this fingernail brush is that it is probably one of the most versatile brushes available. It has two lengths of nylon bristles: a short side and a long side that can be used not only for cleaning nail cuticles but for other purposes as well. These brushes can be used for cleaning hands and feet, and are even capable of keeping elbows nice and smooth. The short bristles are generally designed to work with nails, cuticles, and on the user’s hands. The long bristles are designed for use on the feet and or elbows, and can easily brush away chapped skin.

All of these features combine to make this one of the best nail brushes around. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s without its flaws. Although we liked the product well enough to make it our number one choice, we weren’t thrilled with the handle. It wasn’t terrible per se, but it wasn’t as ergonomic as we would’ve liked it to be. Its design was kind of awkward, so reaching the feet or the elbows effectively wasn’t as easy as it should’ve been. As we said, it wasn’t impossible, but it was harder than it should’ve been.


  • The brushes are soft and do a good job.
  • Capable of being used on nails, hands, feet & elbows.

  • The handle isn’t very ergonomic.

Redecker Natural Nail Brush

 Best Value 

I think that modern consumers have become so accustomed to all of their beauty tools being manufactured out of plastic that they get blown away when they see something that’s made with more natural components. We know that when we initially saw this nail brush, we were quite impressed. It didn’t have nylon bristles or a plastic handle like so many of the other fingernail brushes available, but it was made with more natural components. It’s a brush that’s made in Poland using a real handcrafted beechwood handle and bristles that come from real pig hair. This gives this brush the feel of quality that simply isn’t replicated by any other brush we’ve tried.

This brushes’ wood handle is very easy to grip, so the brush can be effectively used for cleaning nails and nail beds. The brush measures approximately 3.75-inches by 1.5-inches, so it’s easy to throw into a beauty bag, backpack or purse and can be taken anywhere the consumer needs to take it. And it’s equipped with stiff short bristles that do an effective job of cleaning nails. All of this sounds great, but things don’t work out as well with these brushes’ long bristles. We felt that its long bristles were just not as stiff as we would’ve liked. We’re not saying that their terrible, and they may work well for some people, but they just didn’t meet our high expectations.

The untreated wood of the handle might also need to be oiled by the user because it does tend to dry out. Fortunately, they do sell brushes with oiled wood handles, so the consumer doesn’t have to worry so much about it. Taking all of these features together, along with its primary drawback, and we still feel that this brush is one of the better nail brushes available. It works well, handles well and looks good. It looks so good that we feel that these brushes would make wonderful gifts to give as wedding presents, Christmas or other special occasions.


  • Its short bristles are nice and firm.
  • It does a good job of cleaning nails.

  • Its longer bristles aren’t firm enough.

Yesker Fingernail & Toe Brushes

 Best Affordable 

We fully appreciate that not everyone who is searching for a nail brush needs to find the best one available. What we mean by that statement is that most people are simply looking for a nail brush that does the job. They just aren’t concerned with whether the product was made using high-quality materials or if it will endure the test of time. That’s why we’ve decided to review this fingernail brush set. This is an inexpensive set that contains 10 brushes in various colors that can be used for cleaning fingernails, toenails or for cleaning hands. And before we reviewed it, we didn’t think that it was going to amount to much, but we found that this set ended up being a good budget set of brushes that many people are going to appreciate using.

These brushes are approximately 5x1x3-inches in size, which makes them a good size for packing into travel packs or purses, although some people with larger hands might find the handle size a little too small to be comfortable. Having said that, these plastic brushes work fairly well. Their bristles aren’t too hard nor are they too soft, and they do a good job of not only cleaning nails but also skin as well. We imagine that there are probably a dozen different uses for these brushes around the home as well. Another thing we liked was that they had a hole in their handle that allowed them to be easily hung from a hook. That allows the consumer to keep one in their shower or anywhere else they need them. All of this makes these brushes pretty good brushes to have around. They’re not perfect, but they do make a good value set for keeping in makeup bags or bathroom medicine cabinets.


  • The bristles are not too soft or too hard.
  • They have a hanging hole in their handle.

  • The handle size might be too small for some people.

The Definitive Guide To Nail Brushes

Although some people may think that we’ve covered everything that we could cover these brushes, we think that we have a lot more to offer our readers. We wanted to dive a little bit deeper into the subject, so everyone who reads this has all the information they need to buy the best nail brushes for them. Sound good? Well, if it does, then let’s get this guide started. 

How To Purchase The Best Nail Brush

Sure, the process of buying a nail brush might seem straightforward, but there are a few things the consumer needs to keep in mind before they grab just any old brush they come across. The process of buying a nail brush isn’t complicated, but the consumer should do their best to avoid the low-quality ones that do exist. Below are a few of the things the consumer should think about when purchasing a new brush.

Step One: Choose One With A Good Handle

The first thing that the consumer is going to want to examine when they’re looking at a new nail brush is the brushes’ handle. A good brush will have one that’s easy to hold and use. The material the handle is made out of doesn’t matter all that much, just make sure that you choose one that’s comfortable in your hand. Some of the materials used to make brush handles include plastic or wood, so you have plenty of options available to you when choosing a new brush.

Step Two: Consider The Brushes’ Bristles

The next thing that should be seriously considered is the bristles found on the brush. And this part of the nail brush is made using a wide variety of different materials and with a wide selection of different lengths. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that some brushes’ bristles will be stiffer than other brushes’ bristles. Some of the best bristles found on nail brushes are made from pig or boar hair, but ones made out of nylon also work well. If possible, try to find a brush that has two different lengths—both a short and a long length. That will make the brush more versatile and allow it to be used for a greater variety of different jobs. 

How To Use A Nail Brush

No guide on nail brushes would be complete without some information on how to use them effectively. And one way to use these nail brushes is for day-to-day handwashing. Have you ever watched surgeons prepare for surgery? If you have, then you’ll notice that they just don’t wash their hands with soap and warm water, but they also use a nail brush. Why? They do it because it’s the most effective way for them to remove dirt, bacteria and viruses from not only around and under their fingernails but also from their skin as well. And with noroviruses, coronaviruses, and other viruses running around, that’s a good hygienic practice. Fortunately, using a nail brush for handwashing isn’t difficult and we’ll show how it can be done below. 

Step One: Moisten Brush & Hands

The first step to using a nail brush for cleaning your hands is to hold the hands and the brush under warm running water. When that’s been done, squirt some soap onto the nail brush and proceed to step two.

Step Two: Brush The Hands & Nails

The next step is to use the nail brush to thoroughly scrub the hands and fingernails. Holding the finger still, make sure to place the bristles under each fingernail as the brush is moved from one side to another. Now thoroughly brush all over the nail, making sure that a good lather develops. Continue brushing the hands and nails for at least 30-seconds. 

Step Three: Rinse The Hands & Brush

The last part is to rinse out the brush and then rinse off your hands under running water. Make sure to towel dry your hands thoroughly. 

Tips For Maintaining A Nail Brush

Once the perfect nail brush has been obtained and used, it’s time to take the steps to keep it in good condition. Because nail brushes come in contact with dirt and bacteria, these materials can build up—and this can cause a health issue. To avoid getting an infection from a dirty nail brush, it’s important to keep them clean. Below are some tips for accomplishing that goal. 

  • Make Sure To Rinse The Brush After Use
  • Use Nail Polish To Clean The Bristles Regularly
  • Don’t Store Nail Brushes Near Toilets
  • Allow The Brush To Dry After Use. 

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