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Best Nail Clippers in 2022 – Reviewed

Some people may write off fingernail and toenail clippers as essentially all being the same, but there is a distinct difference between the good ones and the sub-par cheap ones. The best nail clippers will provide the user with years of service and help them keep their nails on point at all times. Having said that, let’s take a few moments and not only find out which nail clippers are the best, but also how we can assure that we always buy a quality pair of clippers when we’re looking for a pair. It’s our firm belief that everyone can own a great pair of clippers for their nails if they take the time to find one.

Quick Summary of Nail Clippers

 Best Overall 
Green Bell Takuminowaza Toenail Clippers  (review)
 Best Ergonomic 
Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Clippers  (review)
 Best Value 
QLine Stainless Steel Clipper Set  (review)
 Best Affordable 
Hawatour Ultra-Sharp Nail Clippers Set  (review)
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Green Bell Takuminowaza Toenail Clippers

 Best Overall 

Even though we understand that some people may have mistakenly bought these nail clippers because they believed they were fingernail clippers, we understood that these were toenail clippers from the get-go. That’s because these clippers are way too large to be used for fingernails but are the perfect size for toenails. They’re approximately 5.11-inches long, 1.49-inches wide, and 0.86-inches tall. They’re made out of premium stainless steel, have a curved edge and weigh approximately 2.15-ounces. As can be seen, these nail cutters are designed for dealing with the large, tough nails that can be found on the foot.

What makes these clippers so exceptional is that they can cut through nails quickly and easily. We’ve even seen some consumers use them for cutting the tough nails found on parrots and other birds. These clippers are also great because they’re easy to handle at all times and won’t fatigue the user’s hand. It’s this ergonomic design that makes them steady and quite able to handle just about any task it’s presented with doing.

It’s no wonder there are so many reviews that state this Japanese-made pair of clippers are the best nail clippers currently available. During the course of our review, we too found them to be a great pair anyone can appreciate. They’re a pair of toenail clippers that can get the job done without a whole lot of fuss or pain.


  • These are great toenail clippers.
  • Designed to hold up to frequent use.

  • Costs more than comparable nail clippers.

Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Clippers

 Best Ergonomic 

Another pair of Japanese nail clippers that do an amazing job of cutting nails is the Seki Edge. This pair of clippers are designed to cut fingernails and they are made from high-quality stainless steel that’s worked into a very ergonomic design. These clippers are not only easy to hold, but they’re capable of cutting through even the toughest of nails. They also give the consumer the precise cuts they need, so the consumer never has to go back and make additional cuts to straighten out their nail. Another thing that makes this capable of cutting through tough nails is its lever–a lever that provides the leverage the consumer needs to make cuts without a whole lot of effort.

These clippers are approximately 2.7-inches long, have a width of 0.7-inches, and have a jaw height of approximately 0.06-inches. They also have a jaw width of 0.39-inches and a jaw opening of 0.07-inches. These are the types of clippers that are designed for heavy use and won’t end up breaking like cheap dimestore clippers. This also makes them a good gift for friends and family. Regardless of whether the consumer buys them to handle their nails, or gives them away as gifts, they are bound to make whoever is using them very happy. We know that after using these clippers for a little while, we found them to be some extraordinary clippers that really trimmed fingernails well.


  • They have a very ergonomic design.
  • They cut nails amazingly well.

  • They cost more than ordinary nail clippers.

QLine Stainless Steel Clipper Set

 Best Value 

Consumers who are looking for more than just a good pair of nail clippers might want to examine this set a bit closer. This set contains 15-tools that consumers can use for cutting and grooming their toenails and fingernails. Included in this set are a large pair of nail clippers, a medium pair of clippers, a pair of manicure pliers, oblique nail cutters, an acne needle, an oblique knife, a pick, an eyebrow clip, and many other tools. And all of these tools are contained in a pouch that’s easy to take close up and can be taken anywhere it’s needed. That makes this manicure/pedicure kit one of the best ones available for travelers.

The edges of the clippers in this set have been expertly ground twice, so the edges are very sharp. That feature, along with their push lever, allows them to quickly cut through any toenail they’re presented with. This means that they will even cut through tough nails. It’s also worth mentioning that the tools that come with the clippers are decent, they just didn’t meet our expectations of quality. After a few weeks of use, we felt that these tools were beginning to use some of their power and efficiency. However, that doesn’t diminish our appreciation of this set, and we still feel like it’s a good one to have around.


  • Their nail clippers work well.
  • It comes with additional grooming tools.

  • Not all of the tools in this kit work as well as they should.

Hawatour Ultra-Sharp Nail Clippers Set

 Best Affordable 

This budget nail clipper is designed to give consumers who are trying to keep their costs down a piece of equipment that will do a good job trimming their nails. This clipper has a sharp blade that’s been cuts nails cleanly without splitting or tearing them, and they’re made out of high-quality stainless steel. Since they use 430 stainless steel, these clippers should last the consumer a long time, and because of its design, these clippers will always remain easy to use. They’re ergonomic clippers that have the right kind of grip so that the consumer can get a good handle on the situation. These clippers lever also is designed in such a way that it gives the consumer the proper leverage they need for cutting through even tough nails.

The one thing that these clippers didn’t have, that we wished they did have, was a nail file. A small retractable nail file is always handy in a pair of nail clippers, but unfortunately, this pair doesn’t come with one. It does come with two different sizes of clippers, however, and a handy box for keeping them together. A box that’s attractive and suitable enough to be used as a gift box, if the consumer can bear giving these clippers away. We think that most people probably won’t want to part with these nail cutters once they’ve had a chance to try them.


  • They’re extremely affordable.
  • They are very sharp.
  • They’re easy to use.

  • They don’t contain a small file in them.

A Guide To Purchasing & Using Nail Clippers

We think that it’s a shame that more people don’t think more about nail clippers. Most people simply grab the first pair they come across—without any thought to their form or function—and then when they’re done with them, they toss them in a cup, drawer or on a counter. We wanted to help these consumers not only buy better nail clippers but also help maintain them properly, so we decided to write this guide on the subject. Anyone who digs into this guide will find the information they need to not only buy the best nail clippers but also take care of them so they will last longer. 

How To Purchase Nail Clippers

The first stop on this guide to nail clippers is dedicated to helping consumers purchase the best nail cutters for their needs. Although all clippers might look alike, there’s a distinct difference that consumers need to consider before they purchase a pair. Let’s find out what those differences are and how they impact the functioning of the clippers.

Decide Between Fingernail & Toenail Clippers

The very first thing that consumers are going to want to consider is whether they want fingernail or toenail clippers. What’s the difference? Other than the obvious, the difference between these two sets is that toenail clippers are larger and are more adapted to handling the bigger and tougher nails found on a person’s toes. It’s important to try to avoid using fingernail clippers as toenail clippers because that could end up ruining them. It’s also important not to use toenail cutters for cutting fingernails because they don’t have the precision that fingernail cutters do. Remember, toenail cutters are more for power, while fingernail cutters are more for finesse. 

Decide On A Type Of Nail Clippers

Yes, we understand. When most people think about clippers, they think of the lever-type of clippers found in the local drugstore. However, that’s only one of the types of clippers available. There are also a few more that consumers are probably going to want to consider before making their ultimate decision. After looking at the following clipper types, most people will still probably settle for lever clippers, but it’s nice to know your options. 

Types Of Clippers Available

  • Lever Clippers
  • Scissor Clippers
  • Guillotine Clippers
  • Nail Nippers

Consider The Clippers Build Quality

It’s also important for prospective nail clipper buyers to think about how the clippers are built. Remember, clippers are designed to be put under an enormous amount of stress regularly, so it’s important to choose a pair that’s going to hold up. Consumers should look for models that are made from stainless steel for the best results. 

Is A Small File Needed?

The consumer may also want to consider whether they’re nail clippers have a small nail file that swings out or if that feature is completely absent from the clippers they’re considering. Not all nail clippers have a nail file, nor do all people need them, so the consumer needs to consider their own needs and then decide whether they need a nail file feature or not. 

How To Properly Care For Clippers

Okay, the consumer had done their research and have brought home the best nail clippers available. After that’s been done, it’s now time for the consumer to think about properly maintaining their clippers not only to keep them in good condition year-after-year but also for their own nail health. Below is the proper procedure for keeping nail clippers nice and clean.

Items Required:

  • New, Unused toothbrush
  • 70% to 90% Alcohol
  • 2 Cups
  • 2 Teaspoons of Antibacterial Soap
  • Paper Towels
  • Pair Of Latex Gloves

Step One: Sanitize The Toothbrush

The unused new toothbrush is going to be used to scrub the nail clippers, so it’s important to properly sterilize it. Using 1-teaspoon of antibacterial soap, the consumer should thoroughly wash and dry their hands. They should then place the toothbrush in a cup and cover it in the Isopropyl alcohol solution. The toothbrush should be allowed to sit for at least 5-minutes before it’s removed from the alcohol and dried with paper towels.

Step Two: Scrub The Nail Clippers

With the newly cleaned and dried toothbrush in hand, put 1-teaspoon of antibacterial soap on the bristles. Now use the toothbrush to thoroughly scrub the nail clippers—paying particular attention to the part that actual clips. Once it’s been scrubbed, run the clippers under hot water until no more suds can be detected. With all of the dead skin cells removed from the clippers, it’s now time to sanitize them. 

Step Three: Sanitize The Clippers

Fill up a clean cup with alcohol and then insert the clippers in it, making sure that the clippers are completely submerged. Now, wait for 1-minute. After the minute has elapsed, put on a pair of latex gloves, and then remove the clippers from the alcohol. Be sure to thoroughly dry them and then store them in a clean, dry location. The clippers are now clean and ready to be used. 

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