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Best Soap Dispensers in 2022 – Reviewed

Soap dispensers not only keep liquid soap at the ready for hand washing, but they are also better for the environment than the disposable dispensers that consumers use and then away into a landfill. By using a dedicated dispenser, the consumer can avoid contributing to the problem of plastic waste that has now become a global catastrophe. We also know that quality is as important as its convenience, so we’ve decided to review the best soap dispensers currently available. Now everyone can wash their hands and do it without feeling guilty about the waste they’re producing. Let us take a closer look at these models and see what makes them a good addition to any kitchen or bathroom.

Quick Summary of Soap Dispensers

 Best Overall 
Jarmazing Products Pint Jar Glass Dispenser  (review)
 Also Recommended 
JASAI 12-Ounce Diamond-Design Dispenser  (review)
 Also Consider 
Secura Premium Battery Operated Soap Dispenser  (review)
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Jarmazing Products Pint Jar Glass Dispenser

 Best Overall 

This soap dispenser combines the rustic look of a glass jar dispenser with the convenience of a modern dispenser. It’s designed in such a way that it looks good no matter where it’s used. It can be used in a farmhouse in the middle of a cornfield or a high-rise apartment in Manhattan and it will fit in with the decor equally well. It measures approximately 8.25-inches tall and is approximately 3-inches wide. It holds approximately 16-ounces of hand soap, dish soap, mouthwash or hand sanitizer. That allows it to be used equally well in both bathrooms and kitchens.

It’s a dispenser that’s made out of lead-free glass that’s nice and heavy, so it doesn’t have the cheap feel or look of similar models. It’s also equipped with a black matter metal dispenser top that’s easy to depress and dispenses liquid soap very easily. The internal components of the pump are made of plastic, but fortunately, the plastic used in its construction is BPA-free. This Boston round glass bottle is also manufactured in the United States, so consumers can rest assured that they’re going to get a product that’s made to the highest standard using the best materials available.

If we have any concerns about this product, it has to be the fact that it’s made out of glass. We’re concerned about this because we can easily see how a small child can sweep this dispenser off of the counter and break it. Although we think that it’s heavy and durable enough to survive most incidental impacts that it could receive, we’re not sure how durable it is. That’s something that each user is going to have to think about before they purchase this product. Having stated that fact, we still think that this is one of the best soap dispensers that we’ve ever had the pleasure of using.


  • Has a heavy glass body.
  • Its plastic components contain no BPA.

  • Its heavy glass body might not be suitable around small children.

JASAI 12-Ounce Diamond-Design Dispenser

 Also Recommended 

All a person has to do is hold this soap dispenser in their hand and they’ll soon realize that it’s made with an attention to detail that most manufacturers don’t put into any of their products, much less a soap dispenser. It’s made with a lead-free glass that feels durable and sturdy, and it has a diamond-cut design that adds a bit of class to any kitchen or bathroom. It’s also equipped with a rust-proof 304 stainless-steel pump that has internal plastic components that are BPA-free. And this pump is made to such a high standard it’s even equipped with a blank wood tag that the consumer can write on, so it can be given away as a birthday, housewarming or Christmas gift.

This dispenser is approximately 7-inches high, 3-inches in diameter and has a capacity of 12-ounces. And because it’s pump core is made of thick plastic, it’s capable of dispensing just about any soap the user wants to dispense. This dispenser will work with dish soap, hand soap, or hand sanitizer, and do it quite easily. The only thing that’s not recommended for use in this dispenser is strong cleaning products or foaming hand soaps. We’re sure that neither one of those products would be suitable for use in this dispenser. Other than that, however, we think that it will do a good job with just about any other type of soap.

The one concern we have about this product was that its neck was a bit small. Not extremely small, but small enough to make refilling it somewhat of a pain. Some of the liquid soap refills might have tops that are too big to fit properly to this dispenser’s neck, so it’s conceivable that the consumer might have to use a thin funnel to get the product into this dispenser. It’s not a huge problem that negates all of the positive qualities of this dispenser, but it is seriously worth thinking about before purchase. other than that little problem, however, we felt that this was a great dispenser that fits in well with any kitchen or bathroom.


  • It’s a beautiful looking dispenser.
  • Plastic tubing is BPA-Free.

  • Its small neck can make it difficult to fill.

Secura Premium Battery Operated Soap Dispenser

 Also Consider 

This dispenser is designed to provide a household with an easy way to dispense soap. This model uses 4 AA batteries, so it’s capable of dispensing soap automatically by just placing a hand or a sponger withing 2-inches of it. Its touch-less operation makes it the perfect addition to any home, especially during flu season when it’s not a good idea for everyone to be touching the same pump that people who’ve been sick in the home have touched. And because this product can be sat on the counter or hung on the wall, the consumer can use it any way that they feel is appropriate.

This soap dispenser has a 17-ounce capacity and is capable of dispensing most liquid hand soaps or dish soaps. It might have problems with thicker products such as hand sanitizer, but we didn’t test the product in that capacity. When used with regular hand or dish soap, this dispenser is capable of dispensing anywhere from 0.03 to 0.19 ounces at a time, and this feature can be set using a volume control switch. It also has an on/off switch that allows the consumer to turn it off to save batteries. This is a helpful feature that allows the user to conserve batteries when they anticipate the unit isn’t going to be used in a while.

The one thing that we didn’t like about this dispenser was that its batteries were difficult to replace. To replace the batteries, screws had to be removed from it, and the unit had to be tipped in such a way that it’s conceivable that soap can be spilled from the unit. We wish the manufacturer of this product would have made replacing batteries in it a little easier, but otherwise, this is a great product that’s worth checking out.


  • It dispenses soap well.
  • It’s easy to use.

  • Batteries are difficult to replace.

A Guide To Buying & Using Soap Dispensers

If our readers will allow us to get on our soapbox for a little bit, we’d like to take a few moments and talk about soap dispensers. Sure, we’ve gone over some of the models that we feel are the best ones available, but we feel that some of our readers might want a little bit more information on the subject. That they not only want to be shown the best soap dispensers but they want to know what they should look for when shopping for a new one for their home or business. That’s why we’ve decided to write this guide that you are currently reading. We hope that consumers find the information they need to buy a dispenser that suits them well and helps them keep their hands nice and clean. 

How To Purchase The Best Soap Dispenser

Let’s kick this guide off with some information on buying a new soap dispenser. Although these dispensers all look the same, there are some key differences between the major styles that can make quite a difference in how they work. With that being said, let’s examine the key characteristics the consumer should consider before purchasing one of these dispensers. 

First Step: Decide On A Manual Or Automatic Model

One of the first things that the consumer is most likely going to want to do is decide on the type of soap dispenser that they like. These dispensers come in one of two different styles: manual models that have to be depressed by depressing a pump, or automatic models that automatically dispense soap either by pressing a button or if it’s an infrared model, by moving the hand close to the dispenser. Although both of these dispensers have their pros and cons, the main pro of manual dispensers is that they’re usually cheaper than automatic models, and the main pro of using an automatic is that it’s easier to use. 

Second Step: Decide Where It’s Going To Be Used

The next thing that the consumer is probably going to want to decide on is where the dispenser is going to be located. Why is that important, you ask? It’s important because where it’s going to be used informs the user about how they need to install it. Do they want a model that simply sits on the counter? Well, if they do, then they have plenty of options available to them. Do they lack counter space so they need a model that attaches to a wall? If they do, then they are going to want to purchase one of the wall-mounted soap dispensers that are available. 

Third Step: Consider The Dispenser’s Capacity

Another thing that the consumer is probably going to want to think about is the capacity of the soap dispenser. Most models are available in sizes that range from 6-ounces up to 20-ounces or more. The size that the consumer is going to need is going to be determined by how much they will use the dispenser. If the dispenser is for a household of one, then they can probably get away with using a smaller soap dispenser. If the household is larger, or if the dispenser is going to be placed in a high traffic area such as a business, then the consumer is probably going to want to purchase a larger dispenser. 

Other Soap Dispenser Considerations

The consumer is also going to want to think about a few other things when they’re purchasing a new soap dispenser. Although the consumer needn’t feel like they need to find a dispenser that has all of the following features, many of the following features will make the soap dispenser easier to use. 

For Manual Models:

  • Metal Pumps
  • BPA-Free Plastic Pump Parts
  • Lead-Free Glass

For Automatic Models:

  • Infrared Sensor
  • Easy-To-Change Batteries
  • Mountable Design

Using & Taking Care Of A Soap Dispenser

Before we conclude this guide, we would like to give our readers a few tips for using and maintaining their soap dispensers. It doesn’t matter how good of a soap dispenser the consumer buys, if they don’t maintain it properly, then it’s not going to last very long. Below are a few tips that will help consumers get as much life out of their dispensers as they can. 

  • Don’t Store Caustic Chemicals In The Dispenser.
  • Regularly Clean Out The Dispenser.
  • Remove Batteries If The Unit Is Going To Be Off For Any Length Of Time.
  • Keep The Area Around The Dispenser Clean And Dry.

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