1. Global Handwashing Day, October 15, falls on a Saturday. My school is only open Monday – Friday. Do I have to celebrate Global Handwashing Day on Saturday?

You don’t have to hold your Global Handwashing Day celebrations on Saturday. You can celebrate the day with activities on Friday or another day that is convenient for you. Many schools and organizations stretch Global Handwashing Day into a week or even month-long event. We only encourage celebration around October 15 so that you can leverage all of the global attention and activities happening at that time.

2. IsĀ there a Global Handwashing Day theme?

Global Handwashing Day theme was “More Than Just a Day”, There is no global theme for . This allows organizations the flexibility to chose their own theme if the want. You can continue to use “More Than Just a Day” or select a theme that addresses your specific needs around handwashing. For example, a school may want to emphasis a theme of washing your hands after using the bathroom or before eating if those are particular behaviors that need to be improved at the school.

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